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The 2016 Westerly Republican Town Committee Platform

Making Westerly Work

We the members of the Westerly Republican Town Committee issue this platform to guide our party during 2016 town elections. We ask every citizen in the Town of Westerly join our venture to reform our town government, make public education efficient and meaningful, and work to ensure Westerly's economic future remain sound.

  • A primary duty of local government is maintaining and upgrading the town's roads, water, sewers, and beaches. As our town has grown, so has our town's basic infrastructure needs. The Westerly Republican Party will continue to support the upgrade of our roads, beaches, and public buildings.
  • Safety for our residents is our government's top priority. The Westerly Republican Party supports state and town laws that enforce a safe environment for our community.
  • The Westerly Republican Party is committed to insuring that the children of Westerly receive the most valuable education our town can afford. Our educational facilities must be maintained so we can provide a safe and healthy learning environment. We believe our children should graduate not only with a proper basic education, but also with the skills to be active citizens in their community.
  • We are blessed with an abundance of clean water supply. The Westerly Republican Party believes it is a priority to preserve and protect this critical natural resource. We support the protection our town aquifers as they provide safe public drinking water for our current and future citizens.
  • The future of Westerly's economic growth requires encouraging new development which increases our tax revenue through a diverse tax base. The Westerly Republican Party supports incentives for all new business that will relocate to Westerly.
  • The Westerly Republican Party supports preserving our town's unique character and will use Westerly's Comprehensive Plan approved in 2010 to guide our actions. Our Planning and Zoning ordinances should be fairly applied.
  • The Westerly Republican Party supports all projects developed for the retention of our ponds and beach sustainability.
  • The Westerly Republican Party along with the State Republican Party believes government service is public trust. Ethics in Government service is a fundamental principle that ensures elected and appointed officials serve the people with the highest standards of morality and honesty while never using their positions for personal gain.
  • The Westerly Republican Party has enacted this platform because we firmly believe these principles and proposals are in the best interest of the town we love!
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